What Coaches Are Saying About PIA

Mentoring in Action....

What a perfect name for this course! It is quintessential, experiential learning at the highest level. My takeaways from this program were exponential. I now listen much more deeply and openly. I now show up in ALL of my sessions much more fully and freely. It not only taught me the embodiment of being a mentor coach, but also it LIBERATED me as a coach in ways I never imagined.

The cherry on top was this very course earning me my remaining course credits for my doctorate degree! Two weeks following my completion of this course, I mentored my first two student coaches and both sessions felt so natural and organic. It was so POWERFUL! Awakening people to their highest essence, to their own dignity, with skill, honor, and grace is one of my greatest missions on this earth. Mentoring in Action has fully equipped me to fulfill this mission at my highest level. Merle and Claudia, your brilliance knows no bounds. Thank you both so much. This investment will return dividends for years and years to come.

— Frederick C. Sanders, Ph.D, MCC 
International Divinity & Executive Coach

My presence has increased...

I now listen to my clients from a new place within myself. I have also slowed way down, which has me be with my clients, not my need to rush or hurry in a session. What surprise me was in learning to give “feed forward” I discovered a new level of self-compassion for myself. I am reinspired to complete my PCC credential.

— Marcia, ACC, internal coach

This was the best investment....

I am finding the course skills go beyond this class. They are becoming a part of who I am and how I listen and hear the world. Merle and Claudia are true masters at coaching and mentoring. Now that I graduated, I feel confident in my skills as a mentor mentor who can encourage and inspire the next generation of coaches. I am so excited for the next chapter in my coaching career. I am forever grateful.

— Jenny, PCC, Coach and budding mentor