Claudia Salas and Merle McKinley

Who We Are / What We Offer

Presence in Action is a small and mighty educational company dedicated to bringing you and your coaching to greater heights. Your full potential awaits you, not only as a coach, but also as a ‘leader’ who embodies strong presence, is thoughtful and reflective and speaks authentically about what matters to them.

At Presence in Action, we provide ICF-certified Core Competency and Code of Ethics continuing education programs.

Additionally, we offer the required mentor coaching hours for ACC’s renewing their credential. PCC and MCC mentor coaching are also available for those of you seeking those levels of credentials.

Coach supervision is available for those seeking deeper insight into their own coaching styles and areas of expertise. Professional coaches are learners, always developing and learning. Coaching supervision is an excellent way to stay fresh, current and learning.

Our Passion

We are committed to strengthen a coach's ability to deliver deeply fulfilling and result-oriented coaching to their clients. This is accomplished through examination of the coach's relationship and embodiment of each of the core competencies.

As coaches and leaders, our aim is to continue to learn and grow personally, as well as professionally. We have a deep desire and commitment to continue to cultivate skills that enable us to be even more effective with our clients, within our communities, and in our own lives.

We also strive to create trust by acting consistently with what we say. We are our word. We know our strengths and our boundaries. We can embody compassion while having difficult conversations. We can also be depended upon to make ‘tough decisions’ when necessary. The Core Competencies encourage these skills and offer strong pillars, not only for coaching, but also for recognizable and effective leadership.

Our directors, Merle McKinley (based in California) and Claudia Salas (based in Mexico City), are professional coaches who have joined forces to provide CCE programs, mentor coaching, and coach supervision.

All programs and mentoring are available in English and Spanish.

Our programs use a collaborative learning style that provokes thoughtful discussions and new awareness for the participants. Each session includes somatic exercises and new practices to ensure each participant leaves with newly embodied knowledge of the Core Competencies.

Our promise to you:

  • You will increase your ability to deliver deeply satisfying and result-oriented coaching.
  • Your embodiment of the Core Competencies will positively affect other areas of your life.
  • You will receive ICF-approved CCE (3, 14-24) commensurate with the number of sessions attended.

We offer courses for:

  • Any credentialed coach seeking CCEs, including the Code of Ethics.
  • Re-certifying ACCs who require 10 hours of mentor coaching.
  • Those wanting to advance to the next credential level (PCC or MCC) or improve their coaching skills through mentoring and/or coach supervision.

Course offerings:

Code of Ethics – a 3-hour program that includes psychological indicators to alert coaches to client issues and potential code of ethics violations.

Core Competency – a deeper dive into the Core Competencies, and how together they form the tapestry or coaching arc of a session and engagement. Coaches will also examine their own relationship with the competencies, increasing their personal presence (relaxation) and skill level with them.

Mentor Coaching - individual and/or group sessions offered at a reasonable price, with our renowned, certified MCC level coaches.

Supervision - individual and/or group sessions that focus on your personal coaching style and skill development. This includes identifying where you are strong and understanding the coach/client dynamics that may limit your client’s progress. Other times you may feel “stuck” or notice your own emotions arising when coaching, thus wanting your own personal breakthrough.