Hi! My name is Claudia Salas and I live in Mexico City. I am 49 years old and the mother of two wonderful daughters, Maria Fernanda (19) and Sofia (16). My parents live in an apartment below us and together we have a full life and household. We laugh a lot and always support each other to achieve our goals.

Professional background

I have been an ICF-credentialed coach since 2014. For the past four years, I have worked with a coaching program in Mexico City, training mentors as well as acting as the Chief Mentor for the school. I have trained over a dozen coaches to become caring and effective mentors. I personally have mentored more than 60 individual students to produce a PCC-level session with a score of 85% and higher.

Mentoring and training students and coaches has become my passion. I have discovered that the Core Competencies continue to unfold in a manner that deepens my coaching and my life. The intimacy and love our family shares are a direct result of my being able to listen deeply and ask questions that has me understand the concerns and issues of my daughters and co-workers. This has been a beautiful surprise and benefit from becoming a coach.

When I became a dentist, my purpose was to create smiles. My specialization is rehabilitation and implantology, and I had my own practice for more than 20 years. I have restored faces and smiles damaged from injury and trauma and mended the palates of infants and young children. I have replaced many a teeth so people can chew and properly digest their food, a critical factor for good health and well-being. This work gave me great satisfaction.

While I enjoyed creating these beautiful smiles, I noticed that sometimes, even with a beautiful smile, people didn’t always feel beautiful or were satisfied with their life. I started looking for new ways of getting authentic smiles from people. When I began my coach training, I discovered that the smiles I was looking for came from within one’s heart and spirit. And through coaching, I could assist people to uncover their purpose in life, walking with them as they learned to create and achieve…and smile from deep within.

Coaching is like pixie dust, a magic that has clients create and reach new goals and dreams. Sometimes it is difficult for people to believe in themselves. Or believe that they can learn to coach. My goal is to give people the tools they need to believe, create and grow. One of my deep beliefs is that we all have magic inside of us, uncovered through the pixie dust of coaching. As a coach, we are there to guide, support and show our clients they are not alone and they can achieve most anything, if they only believe.

Creating smiles since 1992. Creating magic since 2014


"I have worked with Claudia as a student and in a mentor coach program and appreciate her deep knowledge in coaching and her sincere integrity in everything she does. Whether Claudia is teaching or mentoring, she operates from a place of authenticity, without personal agenda, and with a seasoned level of knowledge and experience of which masters are created. As my mentor coach, she taught me to think outside the box and trust my intuition. Her dedication, passion and commitment to her students has impacted & inspired many lives ... I’m forever grateful for her faith & confidence in me, strengthening my abilities to become a better coach and leader."

Lorinda B. ACC, Destiny Global Coaching

"When I think of a coach, I think of someone who  champions their client at the worst and best times without skipping a beat. Claudia encouraged me when I couldn’t see past the clouds. She held my hand and skipped down the yellow brick road when I created results as she cheered me on when I arrived at my final destination, which was graduation day. They are certain who are born to do a specific task, while others are taught. I believe Claudia was hand picked by the gods to serve mankindand to lead us to lead our perfect lives. Claudia is an exemplar coach."